I Am So Smart


How The Intellectual Elite Influence Society

In Leo Tolstoy’s epic tale of fidelity and jealousy, Anna Karenina, the heroic Konstantin Levin contemplates individual identity and happiness with the words, “And not only the pride of intellect, but the stupidity of intellect. And, above all, the dishonesty, yes, the dishonesty of intellect. Yes, indeed, the dishonesty and trickery of intellect”.

In a moment of clarity and self-realisation, the great Russian novelist’s co-protagonist perfectly captures the innate vanity at the core of man’s seduction by his own mind. His prescient remarks are an apt description of the social engineers who endeavour to re-shape society into their own image. An intellectual elite Levin was so sceptical and distrusting of.

To put it simply, the intelligentsia are a self-appointed group of liberals who believe they process an intellectual capability beyond that of the average person. And by virtue of their alleged superior cognitive skills, they see it as their duty to enlighten the less intellectually fortunate on every facet of their mediocre lives.

In spite of an impressive back catalogue of failed predictions and harmful policies, intellectuals persist in believing that they alone have the answers to improve society. They use their position of power and influence to subvert governments and pressure public institutions in an attempt to impose their will on the people.

Are there no such things as real experts? Of course there are. And their views should be taken seriously and considered at great length. Do these people often possess brilliant minds like few others do? Absolutely. And their contributions to society should be honoured and celebrated.

Through hard work and skill, experts have reached the top of their profession and are widely seen as a voice of authority in their chosen field. Their views, whether right or wrong, carry an unmistakable aura of credibility from which only someone with a similar grasp of the facts can offer a qualified dissenting opinion.

Nevertheless, a crucial distinction is required. While all experts are intellectuals, not all intellectuals are experts. And if they are, their expertise will be limited to one particular field. Even a genius can be made to look the fool when they attempt to transcend the boundaries of their specific skill set.

However extensive their knowledge in one area may be, it has no bearing on their competency elsewhere. A brilliantly gifted professor of Mathematics may well know surprisingly little about the complexities of molecular biology or the extensive history of Greek philosophy. But only an idiot would let that stop them.

Take the popular Bill Nye, the so-called ‘science guy’ for example. His degree in mechanical engineering has not hindered him from promoting wholly unscientific views on gender and sexuality. Nor does it prevent him lecturing people on global warming, including advocating the arrests of alleged ‘climate change deniers’.

Or how about the famed linguist Noam Chomsky. An innovator in the scientific study of language, of that there is no doubt. But altogether less convincing in the role of a scholarly academic in an endless number of varied spheres of thought. But what are his credentials in speaking about the middle east conflict, socialism or American foreign policy exactly?

It seems many of these elites have succumbed to the pride of intellect. They mistakenly believe that we should be grateful for their every contrived thought or grandiose statement. Anyone unfortunate enough to see an intellectual in all their self-satisfied glory would quickly conclude that in lieu of an audience, a mirror would probably suffice.

While most of us unsophisticated folk mistake the obvious answer as often the right one. For intellectuals, the world is more complicated than it seems. They read between the lines, even when there’s nothing there. Like modern-day Gnostics, they believe that only superior intelligence can uncover the mysteries of reality, wisdom and morality.

For example, upon hearing of a heinous crime, the general public will be heard decrying the terrible act and calling for the perpetrator to be strung up and hung. But intellectuals, at the risk of agreeing with their lower IQ cousins, look frantically for some other explanation to ensure they remain above the simple thoughts of the uninformed.

But are there not some crimes so ghastly and appalling that the death penalty is the only fair form of punishment? Not for the intellectual, the smart thing is to go beyond the overt truth and into the hazy world of moral relativism where, as long as you sound articulate and thoughtful, any misinformed utterance is revered for its apparent deep insight.

For intellectuals inhabit a bizarro world where everything is upside down and back to front. A place where the perpetrator is considered a victim as much as the actual victim and were uncomfortable facts are discarded if they are found to be in conflict with the well established liberal narrative.

This intellectual class has been responsible for the recent wave of anti-white propaganda sweeping through the universities and seeping into public life. In a strange case of self-flagellation the liberal elites respond with unbridled glee at the prospect of Whites becoming a minority, while triumphantly hailing racial diversity as ‘social progress’.

And this overwhelmingly White intelligentsia have a condescending and paternalistic attitude towards minorities, particularly Blacks in the United States. A people who will never truly be free until they finally take on the burden of responsibility that necessitates life as free individuals.

As a result, there is an inexcusable refusal to condemn and tackle the staggeringly disproportionate rates of Black and Hispanic crime. Instead, White politicians encourage misbehaving minorities to identify as the perpetual victims of non-existent left-wing inventions like the ‘western patriarchy’ or ‘institutional racism’.

This attitude is particularly conspicuous in industries that are dominated by the political left. A Black actress will receive a thunderous ovation for winning an award and be met with a sea of sanctimonious white faces, smiling patronisingly as if she was responsible for a heroic act by producing a performance seemingly beyond her Negro limitations.

But their main contribution to race relations can be seen in their transparent projection of their own racial guilt. These rich, self-hating Whites constantly demonize White working class culture as ‘racist’ when it is they who are more likely to be the descendents of slave owners and not the products of generations of indentured servitude.

Another characteristic of the intellectual class is their open contempt of religion and their self-congratulatory attitude to their own non-belief. They deride Christian institutions and traditions unaware that they are its fortunate beneficiaries, living ungratefully in the afterglow of the West’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

These liberal elites can be regularly heard casually dismissing theism altogether as if it’s obnoxiously moronic to believe in the supernatural. It’s not as if the greatest minds in history haven’t long wrestled with the idea of a cosmic deity. But nevermind, it’s just a silly delusion. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

Clearly an unguided process such as Darwinism is so blindingly obvious you must be immeasurably thick to believe that there was a divine hand directing events. Or God forbid you question the science fiction of the multiverse theory as a credible answer to the anthropic principle, you will be met with a wave of ridicule and anger.

But being an intellectual is far more than merely ideas, it is a whole way of life. An intellectual will use a discussion about art, film or music as an opportunity to showcase their refined and cerebral taste. There is an implied intellectual superiority in the preference of the abstract and difficult over the tangible and mainstream.

They will speak enthusiastically of some obscure avant-garde jazz artist who they pretend to like, in the hope of appearing urbane and hip. Music which they will describe vaguely as ‘bold’ and ’emotive’, while their hapless friend nods sagely at the risk of appearing like an uncultured baboon in front of a peer.

A well-timed dinner party provides the perfect excuse for an intellectual couple to conveniently exhibit their travelled palate by excitedly offering their unfortunate guests an array of pungent Bangladeshi delicacies acquired from their latest adieu, while they discuss in harrowing detail the unique weaving techniques used on their garish Indian rug.

They will sit smugly, in their organic eco-friendly clothes while they let everyone know what trendy social justice issue they currently have a heavy burden for. All before they humbly explain that as parents, they will learn just as much from their mollycoddled son Rupert as he will from them.

And then there’s the hair. While the women opt for a typically classy look, ostensibly to illustrate their lifestyle, the men on the other hand, prefer it wild and bouffant. Thus their hair appears as if it’s an entirely separate entity which has had the misfortune of being attached to a body. And, if given the chance, would rather go off and do its own thing.

This elite class would be seen as the peculiar curiosities that they are if their ideas were confined to the safety of the gated communities where they reside. But since the social upheaval of the 1960’s, radical left-wing ideology, which had previously lay at the fringes of the mainstream, has successfully replaced our classic liberal Christian patrimony.

Todays intelligentsia are a product of the humanities and social sciences, areas of study utterly destroyed by the cultural Marxist revolution. Subjects taught by academics whose politics lean left of Mao. They are the so-called ‘educated classes’, but educated by ‘idea’ people, people who had no actual experience of the real world.

When attempts are made to rip these ‘progressive’ ideas out from the pages of the revolutionary books and implement them into society, the effects are invariably nothing less than devastating. Socialism, identity politics, third-wave feminism and multiculturalism have all transformed society in ways its impossible to underestimate.

The one thing all these pernicious idealogues have in common is the desire to create heaven on Earth. And like all Utopian dreams they share the same erroneous belief that human nature is malleable and can be reshaped. And as a result, believe paradise can be attained through the cleansing of society from undesirable people and their ideas.

A cursory glance at history will show us that the exact opposite is true. Human nature is fundamentally flawed and fixed, thus we operate under constraints. We nobly accept that we are unable to eliminate human suffering and strive to create a society that confines our inherent fallen state to an individual level of responsibility.

This crucial misunderstanding of the human condition dooms every ‘progressive’ idea to failure. And its roots can be traced all the way back to the French Revolution. Influential figures such as Rousseau and Diredot can be seen as the intellectual Godfathers of the modern intelligentsia.

But while their motives can be questioned, their ambition certainly cannot. As products of the Frankfurt School and exponents of its pernicious philosophy of Critical Theory and Political Correctness, the liberal establishment are merely continuing a blood-stained tradition designed to tear apart the fabric of western civilisation.

But intellectuals would run the risk of being dropped from a great height if they were to be so open about their utter contempt for our existing moral and cultural condition. Therefore, they can be often found appearing before us, wrapped in a cloak of compassion warning of impending doom.

They will speak with great concern about the innumerable catastrophes hovering ominously beyond the grasp of our measly comprehension. But fear not, armed with endless copies of The Communist Manifesto and The Vagina Monologues, intellectuals
are the superheroes we never knew we needed.

Therefore, to question the wisdom of the intellectual is tantamount to a crime against humanity. Sceptical of the alarmist climate change predictions? You are uniformly compared to a Holocaust denier. Concerned about immigration? You will be met with cries of ‘racist’. And disagree with the mythical ‘gender spectrum’? Hello Transphobe!

And because we inhabit this dystopian world of ‘hate-speech’ and ‘informed language’ laws, very quickly dissenting views are censored and deemed unfit for public consumption. This has resulted in a frightening clamp down on free-speech as the
liberal elites aim to rid society of views which run counter to their’s.

The unexpected victories for Brexit and Trump has highlighted the staggering gulf that lies between the general public and the intelligentsia. Its become increasingly clear that the liberal classes are running on borrowed time. A tidal wave of national populism is on the rise and the “dishonesty and trickery” of the intellectual elite will be washed away.


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